5 Reasons Why to Print On-site

#1.  It’s profitable.

Actual print cost for on-site photo production, even off our very efficient dye sub photo printers, cost at least double what lab prints cost.  So how is it more profitable?  Sales!  Every year we prove it again and again, print sales drive more print sales.  Our newly minted young operators will stammer at the waste of losing a few dozen printed sheets, but quickly figure out that an extra $10 in production pales in comparison to the $200 in additional sales on-site production generates daily.

It’s not just about the money either.  No one is forcing our customers to buy, then rebuy, then order a large print of the same image.  There is a tactile experience of holding prints that people still enjoy.  “I’m going to give this one to grandma when we get home” vs “I was going to make here a copy but instead I’ll just show her my phone.

# 2.  Physical Prints have staying power.

While technically I can be considered a millennial (and by default a “digital guy”), I am fortunate to have a decent collection of memorable printed photographs. My wife and I comment as we occasionally come across an old 4×6 “Do people even see their old pictures anymore”  Ironically as our phones have made it incredibly easy to capture memories, almost no one takes the time to review and creshish those memories latter.  I know because I’ve seen it countless times, even the simplest of event photos, so long as it’s printed, will sit on a desk or dresser for years.  How great is that experience?


#3.  It’s easier to get it right.

Here is the basic closing of a print production at an event.  Me: Good, so you want this image printed as an 8×10?  Customer: Yes, here is my credit card.  What if it doesn’t turn out?  Me: It will turnout, or we’ll keep printing it until we get it right.  Image prints (in all of about 30 seconds), I hand it to the customer, BOOM transaction complete!  No prints lost or damaged in the mail, no mistaken purchases, no digging through archives to find the one shot that needs to be replaced.  Simple, does the photo look good, yes?  Hanging it on your wall for the next 30 years, let the kids fight over it when you die…  You don’t get that from an iPhone.