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Hash what?

Here’s the long and short of it; photo booths are fun, but oddly enough they’re not terribly good at actually delivering photos.  Think about it, you’re at an event (wedding, fundraiser, race, etc) you and your buddy’s take an amazing photobooth shot.  What’s the first that happens?  Out come the phones taking pictures, of the picture, then posting it Instagram… Think about it.

Now let’s flip the whole thing on its head.  Do the photobooth thing using your own phone, post to Instagram, then receive a print.  Way better pictures for sharing plus a print that last longer than a feed scroll.

Our software watches for the hashtag of your event, as soon as a post hits it spits out the print.  It’s that simple.


– Tablet to display post and drive printer

– DS40 Printer

– Pre-loaded complete media set ( 4×6 – 400 prints)

– Wood Stand and Display

– Custom designed photo layout and system configuration

– Return Shipping Label

– All Power and USB Cable

Important Info:

Please allow 30 minutes to setup and test before your event.  Once your system is configured re-setting at a new location only takes about 5 minutes

WiFi is required.  Please be sure your event venue has available Wifi or prepare your own hotspot.

Additional information
Weight 768 oz
Dimensions 20 x 15 x 10 in

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